Someone In My Corner: Steven’s Corner

Someone In My Corner

We’ve met a lot of people through The Gathering, especially through Young Guns. One of those connections was with Nathan and Amanda Stuckey.

“It’s cool to know that Nathan and Amanda have our backs, but also to know that they set a good example for our children. I’m thankful our children have another man in their lives that is a positive role model; someone that is doing something good in the community, besides their dad. The same is true with Scott and Joy Greene.

We have found people that welcome Steven not just because they know him from community events, but because they are welcoming him into their whole family, and vice versa.
At first, it was just another thing that was on our calendar. We have a busy life, six kids, and it was just something else to be added. But, I have realized the benefit far outweighs the time that it has taken. Steven comes home from the events and is just so excited about the quality of the relationships he can build within the local community, and for the right reasons.” – Wife, Kristen

Extending the Reach of the Church

We’ve developed a lot of awesome relationships with other believers through The Gathering; people that have similar lives, dealing with lots of kids and how to fit God into that kind of busy life. The Gathering brings people together and lets them know that they’re not alone.

The Gathering extends the reach of the Church, with different pockets of people in different areas. The Gathering, in general, has been a learning experience for us in all aspects of our faith.

Looking Forward

The enemy wants The Gathering to be spread too thin, not focused on its mission, so that men don’t know their true value. He wants men to be isolated and to feel unworthy. But, God wants the opposite. God wants strong, faith-filled men, reaching other men and connecting them to God.

We’ve always believed that as part of our tithe we should consider who and what is feeding us, and give to that. There’s been times when we aren’t sure if we can continue or if we should decrease. We have felt like that feeling is usually the enemy trying to talk us out of it, and keep us from helping The Gathering go out and do the mission.

The more we give and the longer we give, we know the longer The Gathering is going to be able to reach people. We think about our six boys and hopefully someday they have men in their lives that are doing a similar gathering or meeting. The ministry needs to continue to reach men that need it.


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