Be On Mission
The movement requires ALL of us to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Join us on the mission of Connecting Men to Men and Men to God.







Join us in a Locker Room!

Each Locker Room small group is a little different, but the one thing they all have in common is living life together and growing in the Lord!


Invite a Friend to Join!

Seeking community can often feel impossible on your own. Now it is your turn to invite someone into your community! Talk to your Locker Room leader to see when is the best week to invite someone to visit / join your group.


Lead a Locker Room!

You don't need to be a theologian to be a great Locker Room leader. You do need a commitment to investing in men and seeing them grow in Christ and community. Talk to Jeff Pinkleton, (937) 206-5595, if you are interested in Leading a Locker Room in your area.

The men in our Locker Room have become great friends as they encourage and challenge my walk with Christ. The laughter, openness, and discussions challenge me to become a better Christ-follower, husband, father, and friend.
- Nick Christian, Locker Room Leader


Join us on a Retreat!

Change Your Pace, Place, and Perspective on a Retreat with men of The Gathering! If God in flesh, Jesus himself, needed to retreat, who are we to think we can go and go and never stop?


Invite a friend on a Retreat!

Give yourself and someone in your community permission to refresh. Talk to Jeff Pinkleton (937) 206- 5595 about which upcoming retreat would be the best fit (time, location, theme) for you and your friend.


Lead or Host a Retreat!

Lead a group of men through an experience that allows them to change their perspective and refresh their relationships with each other and with God. Talk to Jeff Pinkleton, (937) 206-5595, if you are interested in Leading a Retreat for men in your area.

When men get away you can see the stress leave, the walls come down and they draw closer to Jesus. I go on these trips to refresh myself, but my biggest role is to work to bring men with me to refresh in the presence of God, becoming more of who God made them to be.
- Tim Hoeweler, Retreat Leader


Join our Prayer Team!

Join the individuals committed to praying for the staff, board, and leaders of The Gathering on a regular basis.


Invite a friend to Pray!

Share the mission and needs of The Gathering with a friend! We want as many people praying for the men of the Miami Valley as possible. Consider inviting someone to pray with you!


Lead a Prayer Meeting!

Could you lead a group of people to pray for the men and the leaders in our community? Consider your Sunday school / church groups, friends, family, coworkers, etc. Let us know and we would love to join you, (937) 206-5595!

I believe the power of prayer is immense and when prayer is offered for a mission as important as the one The Gathering has, it's exciting to think of what God might do. Each time I take time to pray, I not only support and encourage the connecting of men to men and men to God, but I myself connect with The Creator and align myself with His will. It's a huge win!
- Kathy Stouffer, GMV Prayer Partner


Join CornerMen!

CornerMen is a group of individuals dedicated to connecting men to men and men to God by stepping into their corner through: monthly giving and regular intercessory prayer.


Invite a friend to Give!

Consider hosting a small fundraising event to share the mission of The Gathering with your friends and family. Some examples of past events include backyard concerts & dinner parties. Talk to Jeff Pinkleton, (937) 206-5595, if you are interested hosting an event.


Lead with our Events Team!

The Events Team is an awesome group of volunteers that make our large outreach breakfasts & fundraising events happen! They would love to include you! Talk to Jeff Pinkleton, (937) 206-5595, if you are interested in joining the team.

I started giving to The Gathering after I started to understand the mission. I knew I was already giving my time to something great, so my treasure soon followed.
- Thomas White, Gathering CornerMan


Join our Mailing List!

Sign up to receive our monthly emails. These newsletters include opportunities like upcoming events, resources impacting other men, and ways to serve our community.


Invite others to hear your story!

Highlight God's work in your life by sharing your story with a locker room, at an event, through a newsletter, podcast, social media, etc. We'd love to brainstorm and help make it happen!


Lead with our Communications Team!

The Communications Team is an amazing group of volunteers that work to share updates and to equip men to connect. They would love to include you! Talk to Jeff Pinkleton, (937) 206- 5595, if you are interested in joining the team.

Sharing my story was as beneficial and healing for me, as it may be for any of the listeners. I believe that God uses testimonies and stories because he wants to do those same amazing acts again! When we share our stories, we give others the opportunity to learn, be encouraged, and to take steps in their own growth and maturity. Men need to hear that they aren't alone in their struggles and sharing our stories breaks down walls of loneliness and isolation.
- Greg Nerger, Pinkleton Pull-Aside Podcast Guest


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