Someone In My Corner: Jamie’s Corner

Someone In My Corner

When I first came to The Gathering, I tested the waters.  I wanted to see what this organization was about.  The friends that I have made since, the care and love that we have for each other …I don’t know that I had that before The Gathering.

Gary Faulkenbach… Gary’s got my back.  We look out for each other.  He gets his car done at my place; I eat his subs.  Gary and I have the kind of relationship where we hold each other accountable.  We ask each other, “Hey, where’s your heart?  How are you staying positive?  Let’s pray together, let’s read some scripture together…”  He’s definitely in my corner.

Because of The Gathering I have new friends and a closer relationship with God.  I can count on my friends to be there for me, and I want to be there for them.

More Than Just Sunday

We have our lives in church, but how we relate to our faith during the week is so important.  I’m stretching my church life into my everyday life.  God has become a bigger part of my life than just Sunday.  I’m no longer putting God in the background.

I talk with my friends throughout the week.  We talk about God and I pray for them.  My prayer life has definitely changed.  I pray for a lot of fellas.  We are all going through different things…businesses, families, health, temptations.  I look forward to hearing that the guys are praying for me and I think I encourage them the same way.  I’m more conscious of how God is working in my life and in theirs.

Looking Forward

I think the enemy wants The Gathering to disband.  He wants division instead of camaraderie.  If guys were to go their own ways, become indifferent to one another, and not work together for God’s kingdom… that would be a win in his book.

God wants to see us become stronger.  An organization that has the ability to grow and be a place where men can go to rest easy, find friends, and especially find ways to connect with Him.

I give to my local church that I belong to and I look at The Gathering as an extension of the church.  If no one gives we wouldn’t have much ability to reach out to others in our community.  I think we all need to give what we can; time, talents, treasure.

I give monthly because I know it allows The Gathering to plan for the future. I feel like I am part of the team when I give.  There are hundreds of guys that are feeding off of The Gathering and what it is offering, and I am winning in that situation as well.  There is a peace knowing I am giving to the organization that has fed me so much!


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