Failure Happens in Isolation

How A Locker Room Can Change Your Life

  • “We try to go through life alone.. but Christ intended for us to fellowship and connect with other Christians. Locker Rooms make this possible with fellowship, laughter and joy, and getting down to the real stuff.” -Bryan Heck
  • We are all struggling with something. We can peel the mask off, be honest and build real relationships. That’s what Locker Rooms are about.”- Eric Mata

Not Convinced?
Here’s a 30 minute podcast for your next commute; Featuring Locker Room
Participants – Eric Mata, Brian Heck, Jeremy Hudson, and Jeff Pinkleton.

What Are Locker Rooms?

Locker Rooms are small groups of men that come together on a regular basis to talk through various books or bible studies, have life changing conversations, and form deeper relationships. Each group is a little different, but the one thing they all have in common is living life together and growing in the Lord!

How To Get Connected

  1. Join a Locker Room – contact us below
  2. Meet with A Member of The Gathering
  3. Get Plugged In – with a group that fits your
    location and schedule

Reasons That Keep Men From Joining


“We’re all at different stages of life and (...) of faith; that is okay. Christ encountered the highest priest and the poorest of the poor. He is able to connect with everyone despite the level of their faith.”

- Bryan Heck;
Locker Room guy


“This is a space to check your titles at the door. We are all men, fathers, leaders, and friends.”

- Eric Mata;
Locker Room guy


"I’ve noticed a big change in the way (Scott) spends his time and what he’s investing his time in. God and family have taken a much bigger priority...”

-Joy Greene;
Locker Room guy's wife

Why Men Are Grateful They Joined Anyways

“There are some men that are saying this is the first time they’ve experienced real friendship.”
- Executive Director, Jeff Pinkleton


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