Someone In My Corner: Chad’s Corner.

Someone In My Corner

One thing I have learned from The Gathering and my Locker Room is that all us guys are there for each other.  You really don’t know that until you need someone.  Recently my father passed away.  A bunch of the guys reached out to me and that was very encouraging.

I feel like there is a whole group of guys in my corner.  Brandon, Ben, Jeff, Jason….I could call any one of them, at any time, and they would stop whatever they’re doing and be there to help me out.

“Chad does a great job with our kids and our family.  He sends an encouraging text message every day to each of us.  I, personally, get “love bombs,” they are little cards that have little notes.  I find them in my car or where I eat breakfast.  He is a very supportive husband and father.  It has been a blessing that during a devastating time, he had not only our support, but other men that will surround him with love.  It’s a different kind of support than the type you can get from your wife and your kids. To get that from other men says a lot.” – Wife, Annisa Younts

Peace and Focus

Since Jeff introduced me to The Gathering it has really had an impact on keeping me accountable with other guys, diving into the word, reading different books, and just being there for each other.

“He seems more at peace; as far as being the head of the household and leading.  He seems to be more focused since he started going to The Gathering.” – Wife, Annisa Younts

Looking Forward

The enemy wants the complete opposite of the mission of The Gathering…connecting men to men and men to God.  If men are dispersed and not coming together to honor God, that’s exactly what the enemy wants.

I think God wants to continue to bring men together to honor Him.  And to bring other men in, that are not believers, to see what’s happening.  God wants us, as men, to honor Him by honoring our families, spreading His word, and help bring other men to Christ.

“I think God wants men to share the impact with their families; with their sons, their daughters, their wives, their parents.” – Wife, Annisa Younts

We give to The Gathering because we believe in connecting men to men and men to God.  If you believe in something you should be willing to give to it.  We give monthly because we believe in giving first and giving intentionally.  We don’t want to give God what’s “left over,” so we made the decision to give regularly.


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