Miracles… Everywhere or Nowhere?

Albert Einstein once said, “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
Think about the breadth and depth of that statement. It’s easy to say that there is a happy medium there. What if you had to choose an extreme there.
Everything is a miracle or nothing is. Where would you land with your words and thoughts? Your attitude? How you spend your time or money? Wouldn’t it make a huge difference in how you rise and how you slumber?
One of my favorite bands, The Afters, has a song, “Life Is Beautiful,” that’s I think speaks to this.

“A father’s love
A wedding dance
New Year’s dreams
A toast with friends
A soldier coming home from war
The faith, the hope of so much more
A brand new life, a mother’s prayer
Shooting stars, ocean air
A lover’s kiss, and hard goodbyes
Fireworks, Christmas lights
These are things that make us feel alive
These are the times that make us realize
Life is beautiful“

I see this in a greeting from my daughter, Leah. I experience this at the COHatch, when two men spend a couple hours together and hate to move to the next activity in the work day. I smile when I reflect on retreating with men as we belly ache at a classic funny story from our shared pasts. I’m reminded of words that elevate someone’s vision of self when affirmation clearly sets in and takes them to greater heights. I touch the seeming miraculous when a text speaks life at just the right time. I taste God’s goodness and feel His presence when I (or someone else) needs the right specific word of “God’s got you” and everywhere you turn in a given day, that message glares.
The older I get and the more I live and experience life, the more I attest to Einstein’s latter. Everything being a miracle. If that is somehow off, isn’t it still the better way to live and the expectations and grandeur will be so soul satisfying?


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