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Vision:  A community being positively transformed by men who have been transformed by Christ.

Mission:  Connecting Men to Men and Men to God through one on one time, small groups, and large events, by helping them develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

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What We Offer

Locker Rooms

These are our small groups within the Gathering where deeper relationships are formed.

Outreach Breakfasts

Semi-annual events, attracting hundreds of men to hear nationally known speakers.

Lunch Series

Opportunity to gather for lunch, connect with men, and hear a message from local leaders.


Mentoring, discipling and coaching man to man.


“I have been in recovery for 9 years and I found that many relationships that start in recovery can be fleeting. With Young Guns and my Locker Room, I have been able to establish relationships and support systems that are lasting. This impacted my life spiritually, personally, and professionally. I am so excited to connect more guys to The Gathering so they can have a similar experience.”
Eric Mata
“The Gathering has given me the opportunity to share life one-on-one with men younger than me. My own spiritual journey has been enhanced because these men are willing and eager to share my life lessons and experiences. This encourages me to strive harder to apply Biblical truth to be a positive role model for them. As a senior citizen in Springfield, these men have given me much hope and excitement for our city, and our future in general.”
Chuck Hull
“During my time in The Gathering I have seen grace and watched guys take advantage of the no judgment zone. We get real and embrace each other for who we are, for our differences, and our unique stories. We have come to realize that we are all brothers in Christ and we are all in this together.”
John Helmick

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