“The best competition I have is against myself to become better”
– UCLA basketball Hall of Fame Coach John Wooden

The Gathering strives to help men become better fathers, husbands, leaders, and Christ followers.  Take a moment and be encouraged by some of our Gathering family who are striving to be better today than yesterday…better today than a year ago.  #BetterToday.

Eric Mata

The Gathering enables men to develop lasting friendships and support systems. Eric connected with The Gathering a year ago and continues to see a lasting impact on his life.

“I have been in recovery for 9 years and I found that many relationships that start in recovery can be fleeting. With Young Guns and my Locker Room, I have been able to establish relationships and support systems that are lasting. This impacted my life spiritually, personally, and professionally. I am so excited to connect more guys to The Gathering so they can have a similar experience.”  We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Craig Cost

The Gathering points each man to Jesus and His unchanging grace. Craig experienced Jesus through the men in his Locker Room.

“This amazing group of men has encouraged me through the toughest time of my life. When I didn’t see God’s grace, my new friends re-introduced me to Jesus through their grace, understanding, and prayers. I remember being completely vulnerable and not one of them judged me. They actually loved me more. Later, another member expressed how my vulnerability inspired him to be open and vulnerable to us. Being able to relate to one another’s struggles while learning and growing together is more than I ever hoped for.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Tom McGeean

The Gathering is a personal and spiritual resource for men who seek to follow Christ. Tom continues to experience this in his Locker Room as they journey through life together.

“In my Locker Room, we draw on each other’s strengths. We ask questions, share our experiences, and pass on wisdom. We learn from one another and constantly encourage each other to stay the course, run the race and fight the good fight at home and in the workplace.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Sasha Bowen

The Gathering encourages practical application of Biblical principles. Sasha has experienced this first hand from her husband’s involvement in Young Guns. The discipleship group has inspired Brock to practice generosity alongside his family.

“Brock is a leader and I feel that his time with Young Guns and Locker Room has shown him how to lead with a servants heart! Our biggest growth, as a family, would be tithing. God showed us how blessed we truly are! Our first 10% always goes to our church! Brock’s time with The Gathering has opened his eyes and given him a new perspective that many people are not able to achieve.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Justin Evans

The Gathering serves as a reminder that we are not meant to do life alone. Justin started with a Locker Room in 2012. Then, after a few years away from the group, Justin realized just how important discipleship and friendship were in his life.

“2017 and 2018 have been very difficult. But, even though things looked grim, I have been able to reconnect and deepen some friendships with guys in The Gathering. We are now meeting weekly or bi-weekly to talk and pray for each other. We enjoy time together watching football, having cookouts, and going out to eat. I came to realize that I needed to get back to surrounding myself with Godly people that would build me back up and encourage me rather than complain and tear me down.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Chuck Hull

The Gathering connects men from different backgrounds and walks in life. Chuck has been involved in The Gathering for seven years and continues to connect with men across our community.

“The Gathering has given me the opportunity to share life one-on-one with men younger than me. My own spiritual journey has been enhanced because these men are willing and eager to share my life lessons and experiences. This encourages me to strive harder to apply Biblical truth to be a positive role model for them. As a senior citizen in Springfield, these men have given me much hope and excitement for our city, and our future in general.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

John Helmick

The Gathering gives men a platform to share their stories. John connected with a Locker Room and found a support system of men from his community.

During my time in The Gathering I have seen grace and watched guys take advantage of the no judgment zone. We get real and embrace each other for who we are, for our differences, and our unique stories. We have come to realize that we are all brothers in Christ and we are all in this together.

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Justin Larocque

The Gathering seeks to help men in our community reconnect with the church. Justin became an active member of one of our Locker Rooms, a small group for men, 4 months ago.

“I quickly realized that I was coming out of a pretty dark season and needed some guys looking the same direction, towards Jesus. I noticed that I had grown super judgmental in almost every way towards people in the church. The Gathering gave me a new perspective and relit my initial passion for God while recalibrating who I was as a brother in Christ. It has been a long time since I felt that I was a working member of the body of Christ. I honestly value who God made me to be more now than before.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Joe Collinsworth

The Gathering challenges men to find truth and direction in biblical principles. Joe was reserved at first but now looks forward to the discussions and conversations that happen in each Locker Room.

“The Gathering encourages me to ask a lot of questions. But, it also equips me with answers and direction. I have gained perspective from other men, strategies from their personal experiences, practical action steps from books, and truth from biblical principles. I feel as though my Locker Room exists to help guide each other through life’s highs and lows and toward God.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Ben Peshek

The Gathering provides a safe environment for men to be open and honest about their struggles. Ben joined a Locker Room 3 months ago and found a place he can be honest and get connected for the first time.

“Locker Rooms are a resource for personal growth. It has given me a safe place to process struggles and situations in my life that I could not talk about before. It takes a lot to be able to give your testimony and tattoo your struggles on your forehead. The Gathering has become a place where I can do that, a place I can open up and be real without fear of judgment. Now, I can talk about them and help others who are experiencing similar situations.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Joy Greene (wife of Scott Greene)

The Gathering is changing families one dad at a time. Scott started attending a Locker Room a year ago and his wife, Joy, has already seen the impact of intentional time with God and other Christian men.

“There is no denying that Scott has grown immensely in the past year, and I believe Young Guns has played a big role in that. They encourage each other, challenge each other and hold each other accountable. I’ve noticed a big change in the way he spends his time and what he’s investing his time in. God and family have taken a much bigger priority, and he constantly reminds himself to choose those things first.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

Clark Engle

The Gathering helps develop a strong spiritual foundation for men who choose to get involved. Clark took the step and got plugged into Young Guns, a discipleship program for men.

“Young Guns is not just a part of my spiritual life- it has become the foundation of my spiritual life. Every man in my group is intentional about using it as a stepping stone to continuing and bettering their relationships. I have learned that we cannot remove ourselves from our community, we must remain active, sharing the word and growing our faith.”

We are working diligently to empower men to be #bettertoday.

“The Gathering is the most effective group in our area that partners with Churches to equip men to “Man Up” and be the best husbands, fathers and leaders.”
– Dale Hedrick, President, Hedrick Brothers

“I encourage every man to be involved with the Gathering.”
– Ray Titus, President, United Franchise Group

“The Gathering is doing God’s work and succeeding!”
– Paul Leone, President, The Breakers

“The Gathering is a unique, powerful, and effective way to introduce men to the gospel and encourage the formation of relationships to strengthen us for life’s journey.”
– David Rigell, David R. Rigell & Associates, P.A.

“I have been blessed through the Ministry and activities provided by the Gathering. It has been my privilege to serve by supporting the Gathering as it spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ and disciples men in their Christian Faith.”
– Chuck Schumacher, President, Schumacher Auto Group